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Jay R.

“MARs Neem Oil is really good! I have been using it on my hair, beard, and skin and I am really noticing the differences” 

Olivia R.

“This MARs Neem Oil is helping my full transitioned natural tresses. I blend it with my conditioner to help with detangling and it works like magic. I was able to brush through my hair without any tangles. Thank you for creating a good quality product”

Rose K.

“This has changed my hair life. I am not in the habit of reviewing products, but MARs Neem Oil is the real deal. Stops itching and dandruff.” 

Amber P.

“Huge thank you to MARs Neem Oil for making this detangling process supper easy. Usually it’s a nightmare.”

Nita D.

“Been using MARs Neem Oil for a few weeks and I am loving the results! Curls finally coming back”


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